Worx Lawn Mower WG719 Review: Best Maneuverability?

Worx Lawn Mower WG719 Review: Best Maneuverability?

Welcome to the WORX WG719 caster wheeled electric lawn mower review! What makes the Worx lawn mower stand out from other electric lawn mowers is that it has a caster wheel design for terrificly easier maneuverability. Some people absolute LOVE this feature while others, not so much. Depending on your needs, this could be the perfect fit, so stick around and read the stats for the WG719 Worx lawn mower.

It’s gray, orange, and black, with the gray part being the steel deck. The other parts are made of durable plastic.


Worx Lawn Mower PARTS

The handle has a foam pad for comfortable, firm grip. There is a steel deck for added durability on a more rugged terrain, if that’s what you are dealing with. The caster wheels are provided for ease of movement, but if you don’t like how they move, you can always lock their position so they will only go straight. This mower also makes more noise than other mowers, but it still is not nearly as loud as a gas mower.

The WG719 is a 3-in-1 lawn mower, meaning that it mulches, bags grass, or you can let the grass discharge off of the side like a regular mower. It’s always nice to have different choices of how to collect the grass you cut. Mulching means leaving finely shredded grass clippings on the lawn to fertilize the grass. That way you won’t have to build a compost pile or collect bags of grass, which saves you space AND extra work.

The blades are steel and there are 7 height adjustments that cut up to 4”. The cutting path is 19”, which is about the average, maybe a little higher than some mowers. There are plastic wheels on this mower, which should be alright in dry grass. They might have a harder time in wet grass as the grip might not be as strong.

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The WG719 does not have a battery, so you will need to buy an extension cord if you don’t already have one. The length of the cord will depend on the size of your yard, of course. You will need to make sure it’s at least 13 Amps, since that is what the mower requires. The power is average for these electric mowers. If you want to sometimes rely on a battery instead of using a cord, then you can opt to get a cordless mower instead.

STORAGE/ASSEMBLY For WG719 Worx Lawn Mower

This mower is easy to assemble, and you may not even need the instructions, just do it yourself. For storage, the handle folds in over the mower, creating more room for other things. Grass cutting should be effortless and the mower is great with thicker grass too.


The mower is a little heavier at 57 pounds, but shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you are stronger physically or if you don’t have to lift it to put it in storage. There are other mowers that are lighter, some by about 20 pounds less. You might want to consider that if you have to lift it alone, or you can always have someone help.

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There is a 3 year warranty for faulty parts, but you might need to register online for the third year of that warranty. Follow the link where you can find more information about the WG719 Worx lawn mower and even order one.

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