Worx Landroid Robot Mower: Best Thing In The Mowing World?!

Worx Landroid Robot Mower: Best Thing In The Mowing World?!

This is the WORX WG794 Landroid robotic cordless lawn mower. Yes, it’s a robot! No more mowing the lawn on your own or dealing with a long cord. It does all the work for you! However, before I get into this review, I want two things to be known about this mower. First, it is very expensive, and second, it will require some extra work to set it up. I will talk about that work in this review.

Worx Landroid Robot Mower PARTS


Worx Landroid Robot Mower

The Worx Landroid Robot Mower is made of hard plastic and is very durable. As it goes along, it mulches the grass it cuts for you, so you can just sit back and watch it do its thing. It’s just like those vacuuming robots you see (it uses the same sensor technology) where they stop and turn around if there’s obstacles, but only for your lawn instead of floors!

This mower comes with 9 extra blades in case of any damage or for when the current ones might become dull. However, the blades can be flipped over in 4 different ways so you will always get a sharp blade. The Worx Landroid Robot Mower is made for yards up to 10, 750 feet and not more than 20 degree inclines.

There are height adjustments from 2”-4” and if you have thick grass to begin with, it will need to be cut first before using this robot mower. You must keep all debris out of your yard as well. It is designed specifically for maintaining your lawn, and you can program it every day or every other day to do just that.

Here is where the work comes in. You will be supplied with 590 feet of wire and 200 installation pegs to put up a perimeter around your yard so the Landroid Robot knows its boundaries. You can build a small trench to bury the wire in a line, but you have to leave room on the other side of the wire because the robot will be running up the middle of the line to get back to the base. You’ll have to use a trimmer for anything growing on the outer side of the wire. It’s definitely extra work to install, but once you have it in place, it will be such a convenient joy to have!

There is an easy to use control panel, where you can set the height adjustment, schedule times for the mower to run, or set an alarm on it in case it is sitting outside for some reason.

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Worx WG794 POWER Oomph!

The WORX WG794 robot mower has a 28 volt lithium ion battery and the charging base plugs right into your home outlet and charges within 45 minutes. This is the base where your mower will return to automatically when the battery gets low or it senses that it’s raining. The base/charger must continually be plugged in for the mower to run.

You would no longer have to push a mower all around or mess with a big bulky cord. This Worx robot mower can run every day to keep your lawn looking its best!

Worx Landroid Robot Lawn Mower STORAGE Concerns

The WG794 robot mower will stay parked at its base and weighs 36 pounds. No more lugging around a regular heavy lawn mower to put into storage.

Worx Landroid Robot Mower WARRANTY

There is a 3 year warranty on this mower after registration. Battery packs and chargers have a warranty of one year. It is not intended for commercial/professional use or rentals.


Shipping is within the U.S. (depending on where you order from).

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